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Christian Chambenoit studied art at the Met de Penninghen's studio and later at the prestigious school of Art Deco in Paris [ ENSAD ].

Christian exhibited at art fairs and galleries and worked as a photography and painting reporter for magazines such as Grandes Reportage and GEO. It was journalism that initially brought him to Taiwan in 1995 where he stayed as a painter / photographer until 2007 when he decided to move to Shanghai with his family.

Before establishing his own photo studio in 2004, Christian worked as a photo director and art director for print. His work for multinational clients has been published in globally recognized publications.

Since 1997 and in parallel to his commercial work, Christian started exploring pictorial research influenced by scientific images, museum aesthetics and accidents created by time passing and decisions made by the authority of functionality. The result of this exploration is his experimentation with the use of heteroclite material, from rice paper with caffeine and Guerande salt from wet plate collodion, entomology, botanic, chinese calligraphy and curving on seal.

18 years of living in Asia has resulted in Christian's occidental and oriental pictorial influences accumulating, digesting and now becoming omnipresent in his work. The result is the creation of mutant concepts and hybrid images which will be presented from 29th May to 2nd June in his studio which will be transformed into a cabinet of curiosity.

Christian's works have been exhibited in Paris, Taipei and Beijing and are part of galleries', art centers' and private collections in France and Asia.

In 1998, he published his first book called " peaceful fears " now out of print.

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