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Chinese Landscapes - Tao Hongjing Solo Exhibition

A Spiritual Journey To Contemporary China.

In 1979, Deng Xiaoping’s maiden Shenzhen speech beaconed the catch cry ‘Xian Fuqilai’ and gave the green light to Chinese entrepreneurs and a revolutionary model of socialist economic development with ‘Chinese characteristics’. The bamboo curtain was lifted and China’s  miracle as we experience it today sparked. For the past ten years the  young artist Tao Hongjing has been channeling his oriental identity to create innovative and stylish art that cheekily reflects and  critiques the concrete paradise of opportunity and prosperity that is China. As a conceptual artist, Tao Hongjing applies diverse media to reinforce the   messages of his experience. In the neon instalation ‘To Get Rich is Glorious’ beams a funky billboard of Deng Xiaoping’s success. Silkscreen prints of RMB landscapes herald an era of ecotourism for those who can afford it. Scenes of  urban demolition are generated from the rythmic and repetitive stamping of a traditional ink chop. Wheels of fortune sport Buddhist technicolor on mandalas of steel and auto paint. Geometric Buddhas in ceramic, coated in 10K gold, speak of ‘transformer’ states of spirituality and relevance in an affluent world.
Tao Hongjing  was born in 1979. He is a graduate of the Ecole National des Beaux-Arts, France. He lives and works in Shanghai.
G. Yang